Homefresco Pair of Bar Stools Adjustable Footrest Black, Red, White (2 Pcs)

Home Fresco

Looking for top quality barstool designs, quick delivery and fashionable styles? Bar Stool Bros have the perfect variety and colours ones for your space. When people think of bar stools, they usually picture them in the kitchen lined along the worktop or breakfast bar. Whilst they’re ideal for home usage, stools are incredibly versatile designs that can be used in a myriad of different areas. Our stools offer premium functionality; the gas lift mechanism on the central column framed stools allows adjustable height. Usable at an array of surface heights, this gives them a marvellous multi-purpose quality far superior to other types of seating. Likewise, 360-degree swivel enables greater accessibility than that of a conventional dining chair, and some models even have wheels for enhanced mobility. Much more than a standard seat, they offer quality ergonomics along with numerous different uses. And don’t forget our stools can be used in commercial spaces as well, bars, restaurants, dental surgeries, reception areas…Bar Stool Bros are versatile, functional, comfortable and beautiful.

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