Deluxe 8 Person Raclette Natural Stone Grill Set Electric BBQ 8 Raclette Mini Pans 8 Spatulas Hotplate


The Perfect Centrepiece for Your Ultimate Dinner Party Do you want to host a unique and memorable dinner party without slaving away in the kitchen? This is the latest unique way to host a great dinner party and share the fun of cooking. The solid stone hotplate provides amazing flavours, it is easy to enjoy sizzling meat strips, succulent skewers, perfectly grilled seafood, chargrilled vegetables. It sears and locks in flavours to perfection. Perfect cookingCook together with a natural stone grill top, 8 individual non-stick mini pans and 8 individual spatulas without extra oil for healthier meals. Easily use the mini pans for cooking foods that are more liquid such as, meals with sauces, to melt cheese on to etc, and also cook on the stone grill top for amazing flavours. The stone grill seals in the flavour and moisture and is perfect grill for preparing a huge variety of meals. You'll Love the Taste Experience the tasty benefits of cooking on a Stone Hotplate. Our Raclette Grill cooks to perfection on the hot stone grill and locks in the flavours, moisture and the taste by gently searing and the stone hotplate is easily removed for cleaning. Contents Stainless Steel 1500 watt grill, Size: 45 x 28 x 13 cm Natural stone hotplate for the tastiest food 8 mini individual non-stick coated raclette pans 8 wooden spatulas for cooking and removing food 1 metre power cable, non-slip feet and power indicator light Risk-Free Now you can create a great party meal like a Pro! Simply click the, Add To Cart button above, to purchase your new Raclette Grill kit today. Not completely satisfied? We'll make it right, no questions asked. All of our products have our 30-day return policy which means you can experience your new Raclette Party Grill set risk-free. Click the Add to Cart button and Order Now, with our current promotional offer!

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